LEED Points

Construction Waste Management (Materials and Resources Credit 2). This credit is received for diverting construction, demolition, and land clearing waste from landfill disposal. It is awarded based on diverting at least 50% by weight of the above listed materials. Because concrete is a relatively heavy construction material and is frequently crushed and recycled into aggregate for road bases or construction fill, this credit should be obtainable when concrete buildings are demolished. This credit is worth 1 point if 50% of the construction, demolition, and land clearing waste is recycled or salvaged and 2 points for 75%.
Material and Resources 2. The picture shows machinery taking portions of concrete walls, columns, and floors and crushing them to be used as fill material.

Construction Waste Management
Materials and Resources Credit 4. Supplementary cementitious materials are easily and widely used in concrete.







Recycled Content (Materials and Resources Credit 4). The requirements of this credit are for using materials with recycled content. One point is awarded if the sum of the post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer recycled content constitutes at least 10% of the total value of the materials in the project. The value of the recycled content of a material is the weight of the recycled content in the item divided by the weight of all materials in that item, and then multiplied by the total cost of the item