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Are you looking for more Green on your projects?

Superior Concrete Crushing can help your project reach the recycled material goals required by LEED. Whether it is from on-site crushing, disposal at one of our Recycling Facilities or by completing the recycling process through buying our La DOTD approved concrete Flexible Base, SC Crushing can help. For over 6 years, SC Crushing has provided the construction industry significant economic and environmental benefits by recycling clean concrete rubble into La DOTD Grade rock materials. By using crushed concrete products, anyone from homeowners, to landscapers, to general contractors, can help reduce land filled concrete waste, conserve natural resources, and gain significant economic savings on materials and disposal costs.

We currently operate two full-time facilities in the New Orleans area. Each site accepts disposal of CLEAN (no trash or dirt) concrete rubble free of charge.

We can help your project be environmentally friendly and save money while doing it.

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